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We are your marketing experts and consultants!

People | Service | Profit

  • Put People First: that's you - our customers!
  • Provide Amazing Services: we handle the details so you can focus on the big-picture.
  • Profit Will Follow: implement the strategies and tactics our experts will teach you, and your business will grow.

PSP Compass Solutions stands out because we create and implement digital marketing strategies for you AND with you. The more complex digital marketing seems to get, the less effective it would be to provide your business with content and copy, wish you luck, and send you on your way.

In order to achieve continuous success with your growing business it's critical to understand and keep up with the trends in digital marketing. That's why we're here: we ensure you stay in-the-know when it comes to the changes, tweaks, and new tactics you will need to implement to remain relevant and engaging in your industry.

It's far easier to navigate life's complex and treacherous adventures when you have a compass..

We promise to provide...

  • Relevant information and implementation of digital marketing strategies
  • Unmatched, detail-oriented marketing services
  • The tools needed to hit and exceed your goals

Our expert team is dedicated to working with you and your business to implement marketing solutions that work. We don't provide quick-fixes, band-aids, or short-cuts. We give you the tools you need to navigate the digital marketing space efficiently, effectively, and confidently.

Our Experts

Meet the Team

Lance Kohl

Chief Sales Officer(CSO)

James Lajoie

Chief Operating Officer

Kevin Kimmell

Graphic Designer

Giulia Saugo

Social Media Director

Jonathan Shay

Paid Ads Specialist

Justin Marcano