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The world has become more social and so should your business.

Currently there are 3.8 billion people on social media platforms spanning across multiple generations. This number is believed to increase by more than 9 percent by 2021. Social media companies such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are becoming increasingly popular and the average person will spend over 144 minutes on these sites per day. These statistics are only increasing, as it is believed that every second 11 more people will join a social media platform. Like it or not, social media is not going anywhere. By implementing a plan to manage your social media marketing you have the ability to establish an online presence that can put your business directly in front of your target audience.

People Do Business With Brands They Know

Social media management exists to create, publish and analyze content for social media platforms, as well as engaging with users of those social media sites. This is a simple but powerful tool that can be used to support many social media marketing objectives. Social media management has multiple advantages that make it worth implementing into a social media marketing strategy. Social media now gives a business the opportunity and ability to connect with users across the globe. This reach is something that traditional advertising can’t match. Since it is free to not just join most platforms, but to interact with other users: social media marketing is a cost-effective initiative to reach your target audience. As of 2020 it was estimated that at least 72% of people use social media to make a purchasing decision. This means that the majority of social media users will purchase a product or service that is marketed on social media.

Our Social Media Marketing Experts Can Help

It is widely agreed that social media has a large impact on building your business and selling your products. While beneficial for many businesses, not everybody has the ability to dedicate the time needed to manage their social media. Management can include creating the content needed, posting the information at the proper times daily, researching hashtags and generating new ideas to keep your platform fresh. It is not feasible to believe that an already preoccupied business owner or manager can dedicate the time needed to complete all of these social media tasks to ensure that their platform is being managed effectively. Another challenge is not knowing who to target and how your target audience wants to be marketed too. Consumers are being marketed to at every turn, so knowing how to tailor a post to get their attention is paramount. Lastly, there are multiple social media platforms and each one serves a different purpose. Knowing what each person wants to see on each platform is not something that a typical layperson would know.

An Awesome Social Media Strategy = More Customers

A social media manager is an expert in all aspects of social media. They are able to dedicate the time needed to properly manage your business and the sale of your products and services on each platform. Your brand is what sets you apart from the competition. A social media manager has the knowledge needed to ensure all platforms are effectively and efficiently ran, and to ensure your brand is represented correctly. A social media manager will help to not only build your brand but also to get your brand presented to your target audience in the way your target audience is looking for. In today’s world a written post is not the only effective way to sell yourself, business, and products. By utilizing pictures or videos coupled with written content or audio, your product, services and business will be set apart from your competitors. This also allows a target audience to feel like they are a part of your branding. Social media managers know exactly what is needed to properly manage each aspect of your social media.

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At PSP Compass we know how to properly use social media to sell yourself, your business, and your product. Our social media menagement team consists of industry experts that respect your time and money by keeping you from having to try and disseminate the different aspects of your social media marketing. Our level of service is unparalleled, and will save you time, energy and money in the long run. We have the ability to grow your business, sell your products and services and market yourself in the best way possible across all social media platforms. We know that the world has become more social, and we have the tools to help your business be more social as well. Let PSP Compass support and manage your digital marketing to ensure your online presence is established and your social media is managed effectively and efficiently.

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